Welcome to our brand new site!  We are glad you're here. We love taking you back to a memory with a classic song you already know and creating a new one that we wrote. So, have a look around, buy some music, book us for your private event or wedding and enjoy the music. 

Previous events


WestWend at Windy Hill

 —  —

Windy Hill Farm

The show is free to attend, but guests are encouraged to make a dinner reservation at Wilder prior to the show by calling 865-657-1700.

Women in Music

(CDT, UTC-05) (CDT, UTC-05)

Grinderhouse Coffee Shop, Crossville

About this event 4 women. Musicians. Songwriters. Performers.

From 4 different genres of music

For 2 nights...

Breaking the rules and making strides in the music industry on their own terms, setting the bar for talent.



Private Event

Private Event, Lexington, KY